'Tomorrow' is a service with the goal of teaching 'code' and 'French' to refugee children in France using French children's books. After children receive a smart device from a donator, they learn French and code simultaneously using French Children's book. Using block coding methods, children can easily make interactive storybooks.



Refugee Children

Coding Education

French Education


Personal Project

My contribution


UX research, UI design

6.2017 - 6.2017

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What inspired this project

While I was traveling Paris, I witnessed the conflict between locals and refugees. There were police at the museums and the Eiffel tower. I thought if technology can help to ease the conflicts. After some research, I found out many refugees have difficulty adjusting to French society because of the language. Also, many of them did not have a chance to go to school. Meanwhile, Europe needed more IT experts. I wanted to help refugee children with an app, which they can use to learn French and coding together.

Service Summary


In France, many refugees can not adjust to society, so social conflicts are prevailing. It creates tension in society. 


Refugee children in France do not have enough educational opportunities, and as they can't speak French, they can't hang out with their peers and feel alienated. In addition to that, they have trauma from the war. 


Refugee children can use French children's book to learn French. It can help them adjust to society. As classic children's books do not have copyright, children can use them for free. With French citizens' help and donations, children can get recorded audiobooks in French and donated cellphones to study. They can enjoy the learning process while they make the book interactive.  


It can contribute to a more harmonious society and the education of refugee children. Also, IT education can contribute to solving Europe's workforce deficiency. 


The service has two versions. One is for French citizens who donate their unused cellphones or recordings. The other is for refugee children.


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Donate smart devices to refugee children


Record an audio book in French

Refugee child

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Read a children book and learn French and coding


Can read more books


Attend events for children

Reading Page

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Study French using French dialog in the book


Study code
using block coding methods


Fill in the blank with a right French word


The little prince interacts accordingly then
proceed to the next step